Monday, 15 August 2011

Niklas is loved!

I have just received an email from the lovely lady who commissioned me to make Niklas for a baby's christening present (a very cute little boy named Daniel).

Do you remember Niklas? He was the crazy looking half Irish/ half German creature i made? Well, they have now had the christening, and he was a resounding success! Yay! That makes me so happy. I can get a little scared when i make things, scared that others may not love them as much as i do. So to hear that they do love him makes me all proud. They love the fact he isn't of the usual girlie baby toy mold, which is what i love about him too.

I have been told that i can share these photos of Daniel and his parents with Niklas with you so you can see his new family. Daniel apparently likes to chew his ears and hold him when he is being changed. I reckon Niklas would be very happy with that.

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  1. Thanks again Anna - I'd recommend anyone to commission something from you!