Sunday, 14 August 2011

What book to cook?

Good morning lovely people. How's your weekend going? Good i hope.

I am having one of those weekends when you feel like you should be doing a lot but actually aren't doing much of anything. But that's ok, i'll make sure i get a lot done tomorrow. Hopefully.

I do need to get a wiggle on with a few bits and bobs, but i'll get there. I will of course let you know all about them once i do.

I am in a baking mood at the moment. And have become a little bit obsessed with thumbing through cookery books at home. I think this may be because i'm trying to be healthy, and as soon as i can't have something it's all i want! Luckily i get to do a lot of baking and cooking at work which gets it out of my system. Mostly.

There are some really great books out there thought, with lots and lots of things i want to try. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Nigella Christmas- not really the right time of year to be loving this books, but it is still my favorite. The style of the book is gorgeous as well as Nigella's many amazing super indulgent recipes, which i love (ps i have also just discovered Nigella's website here).

2. Ottolenghi: The Cookbook- a great book with some lovely recipes. One to flick through and drool over. Some of the recipes can be a bit of a faff but it is always worth it. I really want to visit one of their places in London, i'll have to make sure i do next time i'm there. Yummy.

3. Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook- their first book and it is lovely. If you have ever been to one of their stores you will know what i'm talking about when i say it's one of my favorites. Amazing cupcakes which i am quite fond of munching. I want to make every single recipe in this book and just looking through it makes my tummy rumble.

4. Peyton and Byrne: British Baking- I only stumbled across this book yesterday and it is already one of my favorites. Great cozy style with lots and lots of yummy things. Their home made teacakes are jumping of the page at me and i quite fancy making some cinder toffee (just to see the baking soda make it go all crazy).

5. Rachel Allen: Bake- i have to admit (sorry Rachel), i am not a fan of Rachel Allen. Her TV shows annoy me as i don't think she has any personality. Her book however is great. Admittedly, i am yet to make anything from this book but it is one i refer to when i want some inspiration and there are some love looking bits and pieces in there.

I will let you know what i end up making. I'm in the middle of wedding madness at the moment, with the next two weekends taken up with friends tying the knot but, hopefully, i'll squeeze in some quality time in my kitchen. What would you make?

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and the comments! Only just started it so not really advertising it just yet. And I am not quite as talented as you! I only knit and crochet - you make amazingly lovely things! xx