Thursday, 11 August 2011

Joshua Davis.

Once upon a time Lawrence and i went traveling for a bit. On one not so sunny day, whilst on the east coast of Australia, we went into a Cash Converters to purchase Lawrence a surf board.

I got a tiny bit restless and started wandering and having a look at what else was for sale in the shop. What i found were two huge prints by Joshua Davis.

We thought that whilst living in a little caravan buying a two big framed prints was probably not a good idea. But i kept thinking about them.

We also had another four months of traveling ahead of us, and couldn't lug about two big prints. But i continued to think about them.

We thought about sending them home but asked at the post office and they said it would cost lots and lots, we were on a tight budget so we decided against it. But it was too late, i had fallen in love with them!

So we ended up buying these two beautiful prints, breaking them out of their frames and rolling them into a tube and sending them home. They now take pride of place in our bedroom and always remind me of our little adventure around the world.

You can find out all about Joshua Davis here. He is a New York based artist who uses computer software to create abstract and interesting shapes. I love his work. He has also created designs for a range of bedding, ceramics, i pod cases and lots of other lovely bits and bobs. We were very lucky with our find- both our prints are beautiful, cost us hardly anything and one is limited edition signed by Joshua himself!

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