Thursday, 25 August 2011

Vegan cakes.

I have a friend who is a vegan. She asked me the other day of we did vegan cakes at work. At the moment we do not. However, this got me thinking...... i wonder if you can make vegan cakes that are as good as regular cakes?

I have never thought about making a vegan cake but i love a challenge so i am going to have a look at some recipes and give one a go. I have found the Vegan Society website here, which has some recipes and seems a good place to start.

But what do you make them with? No butter or eggs can be used. I have found out that you can get vegan margarine so maybe that would work. Plus apparently banana is used in a lot of vegan cakes as the binding agent.

Below are some pictures i have found some pictures of vegan cakes: coffee, apple and red velvet which all look very good so maybe it's just a case of finding a good recipe. After all, vegans must like cake as much as the rest of us!
Do you have a cake recipe that is vegan? Would you like to share it with me?

We'll have to see how i get on. Of course i'll let you know!

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