Sunday, 31 July 2011

What cake?

I am very much looking forward to my best friend's hen do next week. What could be better than spending time with the people I love most (well apart from the boys, who i also love but who will be at Alton Towers on the stag).

The hen has asked me to make a cake, which i am more than happy to do. Any excuse to bake! But i am left in a quandary and it is this: what cake should i make?

Do i make something safe that i think everyone will like? Do i go with the hen's favorite? Or do i bake the one i bake the best? Decisions decisions? What would you do?

Plus it has to be a cake that i can take on the train with me that won't get ruined (which may be a small feat in itself due to the amount of bits and bobs i need to take with me).

I think i might do a trial bake this week once i have decided on a recipe to make sure it's perfect. I'll let you know how i get on. Yay, cake and friends and cocktails, i can't think of anything better!

(to any of my friends that are ready this blog: do not expect a cake that looks anything like the one at the top of this post!)

1 comment:

  1. and why not it looks great... seriously some special cup cakes would be the easest to carry on the train, themed or personalised i look forwardto seeing the finished choice BJ