Monday, 25 July 2011

Yay, it's finished!

Good morning! It's lovely and sunny here today, i hope it is sunny where you are.

I have had a lovely weekend, we went and stayed with some friends and it was a lot of fun. I was feeling a little fragile yesterday though! However, today i am feeling full of beans and am going to be very productive i think.

Firstly, i have finished the bunting! A little late, but i am very pleased with it nevertheless. I haven't used all the ribbon or all the triangles so i think i will also make another line of bunting later on today. But here is the first line. Do you like it? I love the funny fruit faces that pop up on some of the triangles. Odd little faces.

I am also going to finish a very secret present today. I can't give the game away, but i will of course show you once it has been given to him/her/them. I know i keep talking about things i can't talk about, but i promise i will tell you all about them once i can.

I think i might also cook pork belly for tea. It's Lawrence's favorite (i quite like it too) but it takes ages to cook so i can only make it when i have a day off. Phew, lots to do. Right, i best get started....

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