Saturday, 23 July 2011


So, i sat and thought about what to make with my blackberries. I then went on the internet and googled some things to see what tickled my fancy...

What i came across was a lovely recipe for blackberry and apple jam, here.

I liked the fact that you sieved the fruit and therefore there are no pips or lumps on the finished jam. If you are fond of pips and lumps then this may not be the recipe for you.

It's an incredibly easy recipe to make, the only ingredient i had to buy was the cooking apples. It uses granulated sugar not preserving sugar as the apples contain enough pectin to set the jam.

So i set about making the jam. I used one and a half times what the recipe called for as i had so many blackberries. All was going well.

This was until after i sieved the fruit and added the sugar. I went to put it back on the hob and our oven decided this was the moment it was going to explode! Ok, that makes it sound a little more dramatic than it was, but there was a huge bang and smoke came out from under the work surface. I reckon this counts as an explosion. Even if it's a mini one.

This left me in a bit of a pickle. I had half finished jam and no hob. Luckily the owner of the lovely place i work said i could bring it in and use her oven so the jam was saved!

It has turned out really really well (suffering no ill effects of being put in the fridge overnight so i could take it into work). As i type this i have just finished a bagel covered in Bear and Bug blackberry and apple jam. We also had scones with cream and jam last night which went down very well. I will definitely be making more.

I also made two blackberry and apple crumbles, which are now in the freezer. One is very big and one is small. It's my absolute favorite crumble so i can't wait to tuck into that with some ice cream and custard. Yummy.

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  1. Hi this jam looks great, hope you've saved us a jar BJ & Grannie Grums