Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Blackberry muffins and horror movies.

Not something that you would immediately put together. But that's how i have spent today.

Here are the blackberry and white chocolate muffins that i made this afternoon. I can't wait to try one as they look yummy. I kind of made the recipe up so am glad that they have come out well (when i say 'made up' i mean i found a muffin recipe and changing it slightly so i could stuff it full of blackberries and white chocolate, i'm not clever enough to make the whole thing up from scratch!).

I went blackberry picking again yesterday, hence the muffins. I love fruit picking and i especially love the fact that these blackberries are free. Free is always good. I have put the rest of the blackberries from yesterday in the freezer, this way it gives me a bit of time to think of other things to do with them or save them until i fancy making another blackberry and apple crumble. I like this idea it means i get to make (and eat) my favorite crumble lots. What would you make?

I have also spent this afternoon watching Saw 3. I am trying to work my way through all the Saw movies. I like horror movies but only in the day time when it's light outside. Because i am a scaredy cat.

I also can't wait till tea time (having just watched Saw 3 i should never want to eat again), but we are having crumble this evening and it's the first one so i can't wait! Mmmm crumble.


  1. How about Blackberry Gin! by the way wheres my muffins? BJ

  2. Oooh blackberry gin i like it! I have put some muffins in the freezer so i can bring you next time to see you! xx