Monday, 4 July 2011

It's sometimes nice to reminisce.

I hope you are having a nice Monday. And have had a lovely weekend. I have, it's been fab.

Yesterday me and Lawrence went shopping for wedding outfits which was very successful. Then we went back to my school for my ten year reunion. I cannot believe it's been ten years since i left school!

I went to a very nice school and they do look after us when it comes to reunions. They provided a marquee and a BBQ and then we all put in a little money for drinks etc. I wasn't sure i wanted to go but at the same time really wanted to go (if that makes any sense) and i'm really glad i did. I was strange but also lovely to see people who i had unfortunately lost touch with.

Have you been to a school reunion? Did you enjoy it? Bring on the 25 year catch up i say!

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