Thursday, 30 June 2011

I robot.

I am going to be very good and productive today. Yes i am. I am going to sew sew sew and take lots of photos of what i am working on so i can put them on here. Although not till after the wedding, which is next weekend. It's turning out really well, i hope you like it when i put it on here.

Although this morning i have been mooching about on Etsy. It's Lawrence (my boyfriend)'s birthday soon and i need to sort out his birthday presents. He loves robots, i also love robots but not as much as he does.

There are lots and lots of lovely robot type things on etsy. These are some of my favorites so far:

Robot Soaps by Lokibean here.

I heart robot pillowcase by Mengsel design here.

Binary greeting card by MaribelP here.

Lambswool robot cushion by Sara Carr here. 

And a weRobot letter press print by Chop Shop here. (We already own this, it has pride of place in our hall).

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