Saturday, 18 June 2011

Little paper friends.

Good morning! I hope you are well. I am working all weekend and i think it's gonna be busy, what are you doing this weekend? Lovely things i hope.

Fortunately i think that my cold is nearly gone, which is good. It's been an evil little bug so i'm glad it's going away.

I wanted to share this book with you. It's called We Are Paper Toys by Collins Design. I bought it for my man at Christmas and we have had hours of fun making all the little paper people. What do you think of our efforts? I like the yellow robot best (i did not make that one, i am too slapdash for such an intricate little fella). It has a disc that comes with it which means you can print off as many of the designs on your computer as you like and don't have to cut up the book (which always makes me feel a little bit sad).

I would thoroughly recommend it, and since the bad weather is set to stay for a little bit what better way to spend an afternoon.

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