Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Everyone's a fruit and nut case.

I have been pondering something this morning. Not major important type thinking, more flippant fun daydreaming type wondering. And what i have been thinking about is this: if i had to pick a favorite chocolate bar, which would it be?

(I told you it wasn't anything important!).

Now, i am a massive fan of chocolate. And not in any way a chocolate snob. I am just as happy with a cheapie bar as i would with an expensive box. I probably eat it every day, sometimes (as i am bad) twice a day.

But which is the best? It's a difficult one. I also think that i go through phases. A Twirl will always be a staple of mine and i love a Star bar (but i don't have them that often as they are really naughty). And every now and again i mix it up with a Double Decker. All are very tasty!

Then there are those i never ever buy: Snickers, Twix, Crunchie, Munchies etc Although i would happily munch on them is someone gave one to me.

Chocolate, not very important but it's got me thinking! What's your favorite bar?

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