Tuesday, 19 July 2011

What to make?

So today i went for lunch with my dad, nothing out of the ordinary there. Except after lunch we went blackberry picking! Yup, you heard right, picking blackberries in July. Very strange.

And not just a few at that. Lots and lots of blackberries. I filled a very large tub to the brim and so did my dad. Plus there was lots left. This is now a very secret location, as we don't want anyone else to pick our blackberries. All i will tell you is that it is a car park and it has lots of blackberries!

So, the big question is......what shall i make? I reckon i have about 4lbs of fruit so i could make a lot of one thing or lots of different things. ummm...

1. a blackberry and apple pie
2. blackberry jam
3. blackberry crumble
4. blackberry vodka (my dad's idea)
5. just eat some with yogurt
6. mix some into condensed milk (also my dad's idea)

i'm sure there are also lots of other things, but those are my favorite. I'll let you know what i decide...

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