Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Happy Birthday!

Hello! I had a great weekend. And i think Lawrence had a lovely birthday, which is the most important thing. I hope you had an equally good weekend.

We went to a Japanese restaurant on Saturday night and had lots of sushi and noodles and it was all very tasty, i will definitely be going there again. Then we went to the pub, and after that it all gets a little bit hazy!

But Sunday morning a few bacon and egg sandwiches sorted us all out. Then, after all our guests had left, we spent the rest of the day watching movies on the sofa with the duvet. Which is the best sort of Sunday, don't you think?

Unfortunately the birthday bunting i had intended to make for Lawrence's birthday weekend was not ready in time. Time ran away with me and i only had time to cut all the pieces out. So i spent yesterday finishing it off. Well, nearly. I still need to get some ribbon and sew the pieces on but that won't take me too long to do.

I have used vintage tea towels to make it and i think so far it is looking pretty good. It is also reversible, one side with most of the patterns (which you can see in the pictures) and the other plain with a few spots.

They are so simple to make. I made a triangle template using some card. Drew around it onto the material and cut it out. Then pinned two pieces together (with the sides i wanted on the outside facing each other) and sewed two of the edges together. I then turned them right side out and will sew them onto some ribbon (once i have bought it). Blue ribbon i think.

I can't wait to get them finished and then work out where i'm going to put them. I reckon they can stay up even when it isn't a birthday. I hope you like them and will take some more pictures for you once they are finished.

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