Monday, 5 March 2012

Tea time.

Do you like tea? Are you a big tea drinker? I am. Not in the mornings, i need a strong coffee to wake me up first thing. But in the afternoon and evening there is nothing better than a good cup of tea.

I have to admit i am a lazy tea drinker and usually make it in my favorite mug (a giant Bangkok starbucks mug if you're interested). But i love a proper pot of tea with a cozy on it to keep it snuggly. The ceremony of it is quite comforting i think.

Then there is the type of cozy you use. I like the proper old fashioned crocheted or knitted kind. They remind me of my granny (who has two knitted cozies on her teapot, now that's some cozy tea!).

Do you make your tea in a pot or make it in the mug? Do you have a cozy? Maybe you have more than one. In which case, which is your favorite? Right, time to put the kettle on i think...

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