Sunday, 25 March 2012

Meg's eggs.

Well actually not Meg's but London's eggs (i couldn't resist the reference to Meg and Mog though. Did you ever read them as a child? I did, i thought they were fab).

I have some more pictures of eggs from various places around London. Yay! Sorry if you are not interested by these eggs, but they do fascinate me. I think it's the child like Easter egg hunt aspect of it all. And not having any idea what they will look like till you spot one.

These were very kindly taken by the moosh and Dermot, so thank you for finding them for me on your recent day out. That brings my total to 28! These weren't technically found by me, but i reckon close family counts.

Have you seen any? You've got till Easter Sunday so if you do want to go spot them you'd better get a wiggle on!

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