Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Good morning to you! Have you had a good start to the week? Glad Monday is over? Well, whichever it i hope you're having a good Tuesday and have lots of fun things planned for the week ahead.

I spent a lovely day yesterday strolling about in the sunshine, eating lovely food and making macaroons! It was a good day. Thank you to my friend Tim, who spent the day doing all these fun thing with me. It was fab.

I have never made macaroons before as i thought they looked a bit fiddly and fancy. They are a bit, but they aren't hard to make just time consuming. But it's worth it, as they're yummy!

First, you have to make sure that the ground almonds and icing sugar are really fine, so that it will go through the piping bag later on so i had to grind it down. I got to use my hand blender which is always fun (i'd never used the grinding attachment before and i am easily pleased!). Tim weighed out the caster sugar and whisked them with the egg whites till they formed stiff peaks. The vanilla paste was then added.

 Plus i got to use my new apron and my KitchenAid which always makes me happy.

We then had a play with lots of different food colourings!

So the food colouring was added and then the icing sugar and almonds. You then have to beat the mixture a bit to try and get some of the air out of it.

They were then piped into little rounds on baking paper and left for about half an hour to form a hard crust on the surface.

Then they were baked! For about 10 minutes till they were hard and smooth on the top.

We then left them for a while to cool and then made the butter cream filling. Done!

They are so tasty, all chewy and light and yummy. And they look so lovely. I will definitely be making these again in the future, even if it did take us three hours!

I think they'd make a really good present. Who wouldn't like to receive a lovely pretty box of these? Would you? Yes, i definitely would!


  1. yes i would...... send them in the post???? zoom x

  2. Ha, i'm afraid they have nearly all gone! They were very popular! xx