Monday, 19 March 2012

Bear love.

Today has been a very mundane Tuesday. Dull in fact. Tomorrow should be much more exciting i reckon (yay!). But then i guess not every day can be fun. Today just happened to be one of them.

So to make it a bit more interesting i thought i'd show you lots and lots of cute bear bits and bobs from Etsy! I know i have done a bear post before, but i do love them so i thought i'd do another.

Unique '85 bears t-shirt by Chi Town Clothing here.

'Exit pursued by a bear' badge by Beanforest here.

Bear ring by Glamatronic here.

Bear print by Lulu Froot here.

Bear head wall hanging by Born An Old Soul here.

Bear notebook by Citrus Tree Designs here.

Bear leggings by Qoo Qoo Fashions here.

Bear origami bag Duck Sauce Designs here.
Geometric bear brooch by Sketch Inc here.

Hand painted bear plate by Jimbobart here.

Because bears are awesome. Fact!

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