Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Pimp My Rug.

I really want a beautiful new rug for my bedroom. I was looking at Persian rugs and thought it would be cool if you could get them in neon colours.

So i googled 'neon Persian rug' and it turns out someone else has had the same idea! I found these wonderful rugs by Jan Kath.

He gives the classic carpets from days gone by an innovative new look. The idea: a process is used to strip the dyes from old oriental rugs, which are then re-dyed in contemporary (neon) colors.

He states: The classic patterns now only slightly shimmer through – like a secret from “A Thousand and One Nights.” Further­ more, in contrast to the general trend, every rug in the Pimp my Rug collection is unique. Each carpet is an individual eye ­catcher with a strong character that will create a clear color point in every apartment and define the center of the room.

Kath “recycles” previously unused, handcrafted carpets from traditional factories in Iran, Turkey, and Azerbaijan. These Oriental treasures lay many years waiting in vain for new owners in the ware­ houses of Hamburg’s historic Speicherstadt. Kath has now awakened these sleeping beauties and sent them through a time tunnel, giving them a magnificent new presence.

I love them and would love to have one. I reckon they'll be out of my price range though. One for the wish list.


  1. I can imagine Aladin’s carpet in those carpets… Hehe, they’re just restructured to fit in today’s generation. I’m sure my fiancĂ©e’s going to pine for that pink rug! She’s fond of magical all that stuff… We can put one in front of our front door when we get married. :D

  2. Colors can help brighten up your day, and installing neon-colored rugs in your place can certainly make you feel better. It makes a particular room look more lively and warm. Hmmm… And it’ll be nice if they’re installed in a children’s room, as kids are naturally attracted to bright colors. Additionally, it can provide a safer ground for them while they play and run about.

  3. Persian rugs have always amazed me! I like how they look traditional, and yet you can use them to complement any contemporary home design. Neon-colored rugs can surely make any space more vibrant and full of character. Jan Kath surely did a great job creating these rugs.

  4. I agree with Wilbert! It is always fun to have something vibrant in your room. One strategic way to use neon-colored carpets is to place them in a room with a monotonous theme. That way, you can make the carpet the object of attention.