Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Printing drawer.

Well a good evening to you! What are you up to this evening? Anything good? I am knackered after a long old day at work and am very much looking forward to eating my supper and relaxing, maybe with a good box set. I need some new ones so if anyone has any suggestions of good things to watch i would really appreciate it! I'm thinking maybe 24, as i've heard that's good. Or maybe i might start watching the West Wing again as i already have that. Have you seen it? It's fab.

Today i wanted to show you my pride and joy. It's the old printers drawer that is hung in my lounge. I bought it off Ebay and have spent a long time filling it with things that make me happy.

There are all sorts of things tucked away in there, each with their special own little space.

What do you think? Do you like it?

I can't remember where i got the idea from, but it seems many people are liking the thought of turning something old into something interesting:

I think in the last picture the drawer has been turned into a jewellery stand, which is an excellent idea. I might have to get another one and do that. Yup.

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