Saturday, 17 March 2012

Biberty boberty boo.

Good evening to you. Are you well? Having a good weekend?

I am. I had a great night last night and a fun day at work today. Plus i get to spend some quality time with my mum and gran tomorrow for mothers day. And eat a massive roast. The perfect Sunday in my book!

However as happy as i have been i am also a little sad. Do you ever feel like you wish you could wave a magic wand and make someone else feel better? Take away the pain, give them a hug and make them smile. That's also how i'm feeling today too. I guess sometimes you just have to be there when you're needed and send all your love. But it sucks seeing the people you love go through something so tough.

However,  i don't want you lovely people to feel down so i'm also going to show you this door (sorry for the random changes of topic today, i'm a wee bit hungover and my mind is being a flibbertigibbet). I know, not that interesting sounding is it. A door. But check it out. This might be the best door i have ever seen. Definitely top 5 (i make it sounds like i spend a lot of time rating doors, i don't but i didn't want to casually give it the top spot). Although if you were late and stressed i can see it turning into a bit of a nightmare!
Hold on i'm just trying to get the door open......

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