Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Sloe gin, my autumn favorite!

Yay, i went sloe picking on Monday and made sloe gin yesterday. Fab.

I love sloe gin, but have never made it as i had no idea where to find sloes. Luckily, i work with a lovely lady, Kate, who did know where to find sloes and not only showed me where but also drove me there and helped me to pick them. Thank you Kate!

We also found rosehips, so we picked some of those and i think i might make rosehip syrup, which i have been told is lovely in champagne. I will of course let you know if i do.

But back to the sloes. Sloe gin is amazingly easy to make. All you need are some sloes, a bottle of (cheap) gin, sugar and an old 2 litre bottle (i used an old coke bottle).

1. Wash the sloes and then prick them and fill roughly a third of the bottle (about 450g).

2. Fill the bottle with just under another third of caster sugar (about 250-300g).

3. Top the bottle up with a litre of gin. Done.

Now all i have to do is give it a good shake every now and again and leave it in a cool dark cupboard. It will be drinkable in a couple of months. Although if you leave it for a year or so it is much tastier. I don't know if i can wait a year though!

If you see sloes (little black berries hanging on little tress with small leaves, they look a bit like blueberries) you should give it a go. If you like to make things, and you like to drink gin this is for you. Although make sure what you are picking are sloes as that could be disastrous!

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