Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Red onion marmalade.

Well hello there and good morning to you! I hope you are well. I've just had a day off and had a lovely time. I spent the morning doing very little and pottering about in my PJs and then in the afternoon my friend Kreete came over and we made red onion marmalade (and drank a lot of tea).

 It's really simple to make and although i can't give you the exact recipe we used (as it's the one we use at work and is a closely guarded secret- i would be in a lot of trouble if i let the cat out of the bag!) if you google 'red onion marmalade' there are some great recipes out there which will give a similar result.

It' not hard to make either, you basically just have to add all the ingredients to a pan and then reduce it till it's all gooey and marmaladey:

1. Cut onions.
2. Add sugar.
3. Add vinegar
4. Boil

We ended up with 11 jars of marmalade, which will now sit and mature for a few months. I can't wait to eat some. Perfect with cold meats, but i love it with cheddar in a sandwich. It's fab.

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