Sunday, 9 October 2011

I want to go to there (Love Lane Caravans).

Howdy and good morning. Now some people find Monday mornings a grey, cloudy and grumpy affair. I don't usually feel this way about Mondays. Mainly due to the fact that Monday and Tuesday are my days off, so Monday to me is like most peoples Saturday and who doesn't like Saturdays?

However, this week i am working and therefore Monday morning feels like a Monday morning. Grumpus central. Therefore to make me smile and hopefully make you smile too i want to think about holidays.

Specifically a holiday i will be taking next year. Lawrence and i and some friends of ours plan on going to Cornwall and staying at this lovely little campsite: Love Lane Caravans. You can have a look at their fab website here.

They have taken classic caravans and lovingly resorted them so they are cute and kitsch and wonderful. It's basically camping without any of the horrible outsidey bit. I am not that much of an outdoor person and hate camping (in a tent, unless it's a yurt, i like yurts) so this is perfect for me.

Aren't they lovely. Do you like them? Are you much of a camping type person? Maybe you are braver than me and often pitch your tent and are at one with the great outdoors. Me, i like coziness and hot water too much!

As much as i am thoroughly enjoying the autumn weather and can't wait until winter and Christmas come around, i am very much looking forward to this holiday. Just think, (hopefully sunny) Cornwall to explore with all it's beautiful beaches and cream teas and a cute caravan to where i can lay my head. I can't think of a better way to spend time with friends.

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