Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The bestest weekend ever.

Good morning and howdy to you! How are you? What have you been up to? Lots of good stuff i hope.

As you will have gathered from my previous post i have spent the weekend in Brighton. It was fab. Super fab.

A certain amazing boyfriend surprised me with a night at a swanky hotel so we could make a weekend of it. We went up on Sunday morning and stayed until Monday evening. We did lots of shopping, ate lots of food, drank a few cocktails and even went to the funfair. Yay.

We were lucky with the weather so were able to wander about in the sunshine. We got there around lunchtime and were hungry so went to a lovely place called Bill's. You can check out their website here.

It's a cafe/restaurant and store. They sell lots of their own produce as well as their own recipe book. All the jars and tins stacked high on the shelves around the cafe looked very tasty and the menu made it hard to decide what to have. In the end, I went for a hedgerow fizz (fizzy wine, blackberry and elderflower) and a fish finger sandwich and Lawrence had a cheese burger and a vodka bloody mary- it was all lovely and the cafe itself is great. They even have a brownie recipe on the wall. I loved it.

We then went shopping in the Laines, and spent far too much money. Naughty. This was followed by a trip along the pier to the funfair, and more importantly the 2p machines! We hit the jackpot and won a little clock keyring. I have no idea why i love the 2p machines but i think they're brilliant.

They have a man selling all sorts of seafood on the pier. Cup of crab sticks anyone?

Dinner was Yo! Sushi followed by some cocktails, Summer Nuts is my new favorite, expertly prepared in the bar of the great hotel Lawrence had surprised me with. Bliss.
 Who's that hiding amongst the chop sticks?

The next day we went in search of Choocywoccydoodah....but i'll tell you about that later.....

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