Wednesday, 4 September 2013

My home.

Good morning! How are you today? Well i hope.

I've been rather poorly so i've been in bed for a few days. Boo. But i am feeling much much better so that's good. But it means i've been nesting under a duvet at home and made me think; i love my home.

I moved a few months ago and have spent a lot of time making it homely and just how we want it.

So i thought i'd share a few snaps with you lovely people. I hope you like them.


What is your home like? Is it big or small? Colourful or muted? tidy or messy? I still have some things i want to do, but i am very happy with my little space. Cozy.


  1. ooo, nice midmod furniture - love that dresser and that gorgeous rug! i hope you are feeling better now, i also have been down with the flu, such rubbish :) i don't mind the apartment we live in, it's got very good points but our long term vision is a house with lots of green space around it. and wooden floors in the rooms. those i cannot change right now, but i'd like to have more shelves and surfaces to display my favourite vintage finds. x

  2. Hee hee, thank you! Hope you are feeling better and are now fighting fit. Flu is horrible!

    We would also like somewhere one day with lots of green space, especially as the weather here has been so wonderful recently. But for now our little flat is brilliant and i am so in love with it.

    And you can never have enough surfaces for vintage finds in my opinion! x