Tuesday, 24 September 2013

New curtains.

When i purchased the Charlie Brown fabric to make the cushions i also came across a pair of vintage curtains. I couldn't let them pass me by now could i!

(I apologise for the darkness of the following photos, it was a very dark and rainy day when i took them and even with the lights on they came out like this. Bleurg).


I thought about what i could make with them and after some consideration decided that they would be perfect for making a small pair of curtains. I just had to work out how to make curtains!

Rather than follow a pattern or read instructions i did what i quite often do and made a design up myself. The window i wanted to cover was slightly longer than the curtains so first of all i had to make a band to go at the bottom of each pillowcase/curtain. I went with navy blue.


Next i made some tab tops for the other end of the curtain. These were pretty easy i just cut out some rectangles of navy fabric, folded them together and sewed down the long side to make a tube and then turned them inside out. These were then pinned into place and sewed on.

Lastly, i needed to sew up the hole in the pillowcase where the pillow would have gone in. And they were done!

I haven't had a chance to hang them yet so i took some photos of them on a broom handle so i could show you! What do you think? Do you like them? Our home now has two wonderful injections of snoopy and the gang!

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