Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Howdy! Are you well? Having a good week?

I have now started my maternity leave so i am hoping that i can spend some more of my time nesting and getting a few of projects i have been working finished. I will of course show you what i've been up to as i pootle on.

Last weekend i had a wonderful baby shower thrown for me. It was amazing! I went and stayed with my brilliant best friend and we spent the day before the shower making a lot of cake and some cute decorations.

I especially liked the bunting and giant pom poms we made! So here's a quick tutorial on how to make bunting just like mine (i've decided i'm going to put it in the nursery as i couldn't bear the thought of throwing it away after the shower).

First of all find a book with pictures that you like and want to use for the flags of the bunting. I'd nabbed this book off my friend as it was about to be car booted! (very cute and kitsch).

I then tore out the pages i liked and drew around a triangle template i had made (which i forgot to photograph- opps!). This way it's very easy to make all the flags the same size.

Next cut the flags out and arrange into the order you're happy with. Then use a hole punch to make two holes in the top of the flags to thread the brown string through.

All that needed to be done then is for it to be threaded onto the string and hung up (in my case high enough that my friend's gigantic cat can't get at it!).

What do you think? I was so impressed by how it turned out and it took a matter of minutes to make! Hooray!

Next post, giant pom poms......

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  1. It's gorgeous ... the illustrations are perfect ... Bee xx