Sunday, 22 September 2013

Decoupage lampshade.

I have been trying to find a lampshade that i liked to go in the baby's room. It needed to be bright and colourful and fun. I was unfortunately having no luck whatsoever finding something i liked.

Then it suddenly struck me: i have bags and bags of bright and colourful kawaii fabric and the boring lampshade that came with and old lamp i bought a while ago. Bingo! Decoupage.

I have used this technique before to cover jars, but only the once and i haven't really had an opportunity to use it since. But since i already had PVA glue and a brush stashed in a cupboard i made a spur of the moment decision to give this boring white shade a makeover.

It's also a really good way to use up all the scraps of fabric that i have had lying around for ages that are too small to really do anything with but too cute to throw away. Yay!



You need to really make sure that the fabric is sodden with PVA and then it sticks really easily to the fabric of the lampshade. Then it's just a question of positioning.


You may notice on the above picture the fabric overlaps at the top over the lip of the shade. I ignored this until the whole shade was covered and then, while it was still wet, i just went around the inside edge and  cute a nice neat straight line.


I made sure that i went over the fabric with lots of glue so that it would all stick properly and give a good finish.

I then left the whole thing to dry overnight, balanced on a bottle of gin! Once it had dried it was nice and smooth and hard. I then gave it another quick coat of PVA to seal it and then left it to dry again on the trusty gin bottle. 

 I am rather pleased with how it's turned out. Plus it now ties in with the baby blanket i'm making for the cot and the large quilt i made a few years ago which is on the day bed in the baby's room. Fab.

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