Friday, 13 September 2013

Giant pom poms!


Now the other day i promised that i would tell you how i made the wonderful giant paper pom poms that i had as decorations at my baby shower.

Now i have to confess these are not my creation, nor did i come across them. My best friend found a tutorial and told me how great they looked so i have to give full credit to her. Especially since they came out so fab!

First of all you need tissue paper in the colours your would like your finished pom pom to be. We went for a mix of pastel colours in baby shower friendly hues.

You then need to lay out 9 sheets of paper on top of each other flat on a table. These need to be folded along the short side (about 1.5 cm thickness) so that it ends up as one long thin folded strip (i forgot to take a photo of this stage, sorry!).

That long strip is then folded in half and string or ribbon attached around the middle (see above).

Once that is secure, take a pair of scissors and round off the edges of the fan, the opposite end to where you have tied the ribbon. 

When you let go of it, it will now look like you have two fans attached in the middle. If you want to hang your pom pom up you can then attached ribbon or string to that middle tie for later.

Now the tricky part! You need to (very gently) start pulling apart the individual pieces of tissue paper. This can be a pain to do as you want to try not to rip any of the tissue paper. As you do this the round pom pom will start to take shape.

You can then tie it up with the string you have already attached! Yay! They looked so impressive, i wish i'd know about them before as they would have been the perfect decoration for birthdays and weddings. What do you think? Give them a go!

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