Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Richard Scarry finds.

Now if you read this blog sometimes (and if you do, thank you very much!) you will know that i am a big fan of Richard Scarry.

It all started with 'the big orange book' as my sister and i used to call it. This was a book we loved when we were little that had lost it's dust jacket so had nothing on it but an orange hard cover. I was to later find out that this was Richard Scarry's Best Story Book Ever.

Ever since then i have loved all things Scarry. The sad thing is thought that the old original books are hard to come by, and his vintage fabric and other bits and bobs are even harder. But i always keep an eye out.

Recently i have made two brilliant Scarry based finds. The first was some beautiful vintage fabric on Ebay. It's mint green and wonderful. It was listed in Australia but i knew i had to have it, so i bought it. I am going to make something for the baby's room, i just don't know what yet. But i will of course show you as soon as i do.

Then a couple of days later i was having a quick browse in a charity shop and was delighted when i came across a Scarry book, and mine for only 50p. Amazing.

I will keep buying Scarry whenever i find it because the illustrations and stories are fab. Are you a Scarry fan?

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