Friday, 23 August 2013

Been making some jam.

So the other day i told you that i'd been blackberry picking! I couldn't decided what i wanted to do with the tasty little blighters, so i fell back on an old faithful. Blackberry and apple jam.

First of all i had to wash the blackberries. You might notice that there is also a sneaky raspberry or two in there. I had them so i thought i might as well chuck them in!


I then heated all the fruit until the apples were soft. I don't like jam with bits in so i then gave it a bit of a smash with a potato masher and sieved it. Obviously this is not a necessity, but i'm a fussy madam!



The same weight of sugar was added to the sieved juice and it was put back on a rollicking boil for about 10 minutes. 

I had put a plate i the freezer before i started and used this to test whether or not the jam had set (you spoon a thin smudge on and the push it with your finger. If it crinkles it's done). 

Then i spooned it into the sterilized jars. Six little pots of loveliness! Yum.