Monday, 5 August 2013

I'm back!

Well hello there! Are how are you? I do hope you are well.

I am so sorry that i have been a touch quiet of late. Ok, i have been very quiet. Silent in fact.

I promise that i am now back and will be blogging up a storm! I love my blog and all the crafty things i see and make and it has been hard not having the time to do and make and write. But now that things have settled down i can get back to normal. Hooray!

I haven't been making things during this little hiatus, but i promise this is about to change! I have however been reading a lot. Blogs, crafting magazines, basically anything that would give me that creative hit while i wasn't making anything myself.

During this time one woman who caught my eye was a lady called Olek. She is a world famous Polish born artist who now resides in New York. She crochets. Not just your usual blanket or rug but massive installations and street art sculptures. Amazing.

She is renowned for her quirky and unexpected projects, including a once legendary take-over of Wall Street’s Raging Bull, as well as installation projects on the New York subway and on the streets of downtown Manhattan. Her most recent project is a crochet locomotive in Lodz, Poland.

But what caught my eye was the fact that in May/June this year she spent two weeks in Covent Garden crocheting a mother and baby elephant to raise money and awareness for the endangered Asian elephants charity Elephant Family.

I didn't get to see them but i really wish i had.

What do you think? Have you seen any of her work? I absolutely love them!


  1. That's some amazing crochet ... it's lovely to see you back ... I have been enjoying reading some of your older posts ... just wondering, I signed up to your craft it forward post but maybe I'm too late ... Bee xx

  2. No not at all! I am getting all the craft it forward goodies ready and will be sending them out once i'm done. It's taken a little longer than i thought but you are more than welcome to join. Send your address to me at