Friday, 16 August 2013

Cake Pops!

The other day i got the chance to have a play with a new bit of kit. Cake pop making kit in fact!

I have made cake pops before, but have always made them the classic way - using crumbled up cake and butter icing to make the balls and then covering them in chocolate. This machine looked like it would be a lot quicker, but would it be any good?

 It looks like a weird shaped toastie maker (which is essentially what it is!).

I made up a basic vanilla sponge mix and then waited for the machine to heat up.

I then added the mix (careful not to overfill) closed the lid and left it for four minute to cook (i know, four minutes! so quick!).

They are quite small but seemed to come out really well. Soft and tasty.

So i decided that one on a stick would look diddy so i covered each ball in some melted chocolate and then added two to each stick with a marshmallow sandwiched in between. Yummy!

I think if you want to make cake pops quickly then this machine is fab, however they are teeny weeny and won't last as long as the traditionally made cake pops.

Have you used a machine like this before? What did you think?

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