Monday, 16 May 2011

The Wuzzles!

Does anyone else remember this Disney cartoon from the 80's? They were my absolute favorite when i was a child. I had a toy Eleroo (the pink and purple half elephant half kangaroo). He still takes pride of place on a shelf in my lounge.

I also really liked Thundercats and thought it was very unfair that i didn't have a Thundercat sword, the one which lit up. I think my mum thought it was a boy toy. I also never got the Mr Frosty toy that i really wanted one christmas.......not that i'm still bitter or anything!

What were your favorite toys and cartoons as a child? Do you still have any of your toys? I bet you do!


  1. I remember the Wuzzles - they were so cool!! Such happy memories!! Ahhh makes me happy.

  2. I remember Wuzzles too and they make me happy too! Two animals in one? Thats crazy-talk!

  3. Yay, fellow lovers of the wuzzles! x