Monday, 9 May 2011

Some of my favorite things

We all have favorite things, and sometimes we are not sure why we like them but we do. Do you ever feel like that? I do.

Some of my favorite things:
• pugs
• wispa golds (why have these disappeared again?)
• tea
• Meet Me At Mikes (a shop in Melborne, the owner also writes an amazing blog of the same name and has published two books which i love)
• Etsy
• Domo (google him, he is a fictional character who is the mascot of a Japanese TV station, i am borderline obsessed with him)
• crocheting
• American TV series- especially mad men, true blood and fringe
• cake, all cake

I am sure there are many other things and it changes with my mood, but today those are the things i can think of. What are your favorite things?

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