Sunday, 22 May 2011

Crocheting up a storm!

The title of this post makes it sound like i have been being very productive. I have, but not at crocheting. The title is more of a statement of what i should be doing!

I have been in the process of making a crochet blanket for ages and ages. About a year. The problem that i have is that i go through manic stages when i am crocheting like a mad woman and then i have weeks when i do nothing. Which is naughty as i really really want to finish it.

Plus i want this blanket to be big, very very big. Big enough to cover my king size bed so that it can be transformed into a bright, mad and snugly crocheted bed.

What do you think of my work so far?

Do you crochet? What are you making? If you fancy learning how to make a granny blanket of your very own (and who wouldn't), you can learn here. Pip at Meet Me At Mikes is very clever and i used her tutorials and a lovely book i was given to learn how to make a granny square (a granny square is a little crocheted square, much like the ones covering this blog and in the photos!).

A granny square is all i can do right now, but i will learn other stuff one the blanket is finished (there is a crocheted monkey i have my eye on). I really must learn how to join all the little squares together, as it will be a bit of a rubbish blanket otherwise.

Give it a go, because who doesn't like a crochet blanket (or five)?

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