Sunday, 2 December 2012

The best tree in all the land (says me!).

Howdy there lovely people! Are you feeling festive? I think that as it is now December i can crank it up a gear and turn this blog into a proper celebration of Christmas (as if i wasn't already!?!).

Yesterday was the 1st December and therefore the first day that i think you can decorate your tree without looking a little crazy. So, of course my tree was put up and decorated in all it's weird and wonderful glory!

I decided last year that i was going to give a fake Christmas tree a go, having been a firm believer up to then that a Christmas tree had to be real. But with a cat this is fairly impractical as she seems to think a real tree is a giant cat toy so i tentatively tried the fake equivalent. So i went completely the other direction and went for a shiny white tree. And i love it!

It's meant that i can get a bit more inventive with the decorations. This years new additions include a robot wearing a scarf, glittery skulls and cute smiley faces. I think it look fab! What do you think?

Of course this being a tree of mine there is a liberal sprinkling of Russian dolls!

What does your tree look like? What's your favorite decoration? Ooh time to put some Christmassy tunes on me thinks (and scoff yet another mince pie!).......

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