Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas hamper ideas....

Good morning! It's rainy and gloomy outside this morning. Is it like that where you are?

However as it is only six, yes that's right people SIX days till Christmas i cannot help but be in a very merry mood indeed! I hope you are too.

It's no secret that i like to make my family Christmas hampers. Each year i make all sorts of different bits and bobs for them. And this year is no different. Now, i'm not going to say what is in the hampers just yet (can't ruin the suprise now can i!). But i did want to show you some of the things i have been looking at to get inspiration.

One such thing is this chocolate popcorn. Simple, effective and it look really tasty. I might have to give this a go....

How to make chocolate popcorn:

2 large bowls of popcorn (you can get the kernels to pop yourself from health food shops)
100g of white chocolate (melted)
100g of white chocolate coloured with food colouring of your choice

1. Pour half of the melted chocolate into each of the 2 bowls of popcorn. It will not seem like enough chocolate but continue to stir (for a few minutes) until the popcorn is just coated (too much chocolate will make your popcorn soggy).
2. Before your popcorn dries, spread it out onto some wax paper.
3. After it is dry, melt your chocolate to drizzle and pour it into a Ziploc bag. Cut a small hole in the corner of the bag and drizzle the colored chocolate over your popcorn.
4.Let it dry again and bag it up into small cellophane bags or bags of your choice.

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