Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Gingerbread houses.

Well hello there! Are you having a lovely wintery Tuesday? I do hope so. It's very chilly here but i've got the heating on as well as all the Christmas lights (and a hot mug of advent tea swap tea) so i'm as merry as could be!

I have also just finished putting the final touches to this years gingerbread house. It's the biggest one i've ever done and i love it!

I decided not to post all the stages of making the house this year as i have gone through it all on a previous post (if you would like to see this have a peek at last December's posts for a full run through).

If you would like to make a house of your own then i recommend using this recipe from the BBC Good Food website here. It's the one i use and it's pretty foolproof!

The pictures don't really show you the size of this beast. It's huge!

This is the third year in a row i have made a gingerbread house. In light of this i thought i'd reminisce and have a look at the other two from previous years. They are all quite different!

This is the first house i ever made. It was quite small and cute. I used a template i got from the BBC Good Food recipe mentioned above. It's quite reserved and lets the gingerbread take centre stage.

The following year i decided to make a template myself and it was bigger and brighter. If i remember correctly the 'log cabin' effect was not just for decoration but also to keep it upright as i feared it would collapse into gingerbread rubble!

Have you made a house this year? What does it look like? They are almost too good to eat........almost!

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