Thursday, 15 November 2012


I haven't done much unwork related baking for a while. In fact my beloved KitchenAid has been feeling quite neglected.

Luckily a friend of mine celebrated her birthday recently and this meant one thing; time for me to bake!

Lamingtons were the order of the day as my friend used to live in Australia and they are hard to come by here in good old blighty.

If you haven't heard of these little lovelies before let me explain the lamington. They are squares of vanilla sponge which are then traditionally covered in chocolate and then dessicated coconut.

However, personally, i prefer the raspberry ones so i made them. Lovely pink squares of yumminess!

You start with a basic sponge mixture, which is then baked and cut into squares.


It helps if you have a square cake tin (i do not, so i had to get creative with a knife. What a shame all those round edges had to be cut away. And then eaten by me).

The squares are then carefully covered in melted raspberry jam and then rolled in coconut (which is a rather messy, but fun, job). They are then left to set.

These lamingtons were then covered in neon pink glitter ready for the birthday girl! (but i forgot to take photos. Silly me). Yummy!

Ps did you know it's national lamington day every year on July 21st each year? No? Well now you do! The perfect excuse to make if i need an excuse.....

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