Monday, 21 May 2012

What's for dinner?

Morning treacle! Did you have a lovely weekend? What did you do? Mine was good, although i was working so i mainly did that. Plus a bit of sitting on the sofa in my pjs watching movies, although i do like doing both those things so i was happy!

Plate by The storybook rabbit here.

I have decided that i need to start looking after myself a bit more. What with this nasty little illness still kicking my bum, i think i should. First stop: eating better. I am rubbish at cooking for myself and tend to live on crumpets and pasta. This must stop!

Last week i was quite good though, this is what i was munching:

Monday: Chocolate digestives (this was only because dinner went a bit haywire).
Tuesday: Pasta with pesto.
Wednesday: Crumpets and ice cream (not together, one after the other, i'm not that bad).
Thursday: Pork belly with mash, gravy and veg.
Friday: Yaki Soba (Wagamamas finest).
Saturday: Pasta with pesto.
Sunday: Beef roast dinner (as i went home to see the Moosh).

It's actually not as bad as i thought it would be, but it could be a lot better. My plan is this: the pasta and crumpets must feature less as dinners. In fact, crumpets are not a supper food so maybe i should knock them on the head altogether (this will be hard).

What have you been eating for dinner? Are you good or bad? Recipes to keep me inspired are more than welcome!


  1. oh dear sister of mine, i have mostly been eating: baked potato with prawns, avocado and salad, baked salmon with sweet potato chips and salad, continental breakfast with croissants, boiled egg, cheese and fruit salad and all of this made by my own fair hands. i thought you could cook?!? xx

  2. Ha, i just found this. I can cook, i just choose not to! xx