Monday, 14 May 2012

Camera cuteness!

Good afternoon lovely people. How you all doing today? Well i hope. I have just been told that i have a naughty little chest infection and have been put on antibiotics. So i am mainly feeling poorly. Boo!

So to cheer myself up i thought i'd put together a little Etsy collection as it's been a while since i did one. The theme today is cameras. This one's for you Rob!

Camera rubber stamp by Blossom Stamps here.

Black water drop camera necklace by Dollar Jewelery here.

Printable camera craft projects by Girlie Pains here.

Holga t-shirt by Little Lee Studios here.

Silver ring by Jennifer Wood here.

Diana brooch Pink Rain Shop here.

Print by Etched and Sketched here.

Handmade tags by Chicken and Custard here.

Felt camera onesie by The African Llama here.
Snap snap!

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