Tuesday, 1 May 2012

On a whim.

So today, when i got home from work, i was browsing through some crafty type blogs and websites. Quilting ones to be specific. And i read about some hexagon quilts being made. Umm i thought, i could make one of those. So i started one!

First you draw and cut out some hexagons on a sheet of plain paper. I just googled 'hexagon' and then draw over the screen with the paper! I then cut out a load of them and cut little pieces of material to fit.

You then tack the material in place with some rough stitching (this is the stitching you can see around the edges, this will be removed once the hexagons are sewn together).

And then i started sewing them together. This will be my 'heirloom quilt', it's called an heirloom quilt as it will take me a long long time to finish it. But hopefully once it's done it's something i can pass on to my children some day.

This is how it's going so far. Cute huh?

 Right, back to the sewing...

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