Monday, 2 July 2012

Happy birthday Mrs Wise-Stewart!

Well hello there lovely people! I hope that you are having a good Monday, even if it is pouring with rain (well, it is here...hopefully it's not where you are).

I have just had the most dandy of weekends, lots of merriment was had by all (along with a few tequilas!). I went up to London town and had a wonderful weekend of fun, jazz and laughter....the best kind of weekend in my book!

It was a very dear friend of mine's birthday on Saturday so we planned lots of fun. We started off with a quick mooch about Venn Street weekly food market and picked up a few bits and bobs for a picnic on Clapham Common. Yummy.

Along with lots of other tasty things we bought some vegan cupcakes. None of us are vegan but they looked too good to pass up. I was dubious, but they were delicious!

We then headed to the Abbeville road summer fete. We wanted to enter my friend's (tiger) cat in the pet competition. Unfortunately they wouldn't accept cats, which is a shame as he would have kicked ass!

Later that day we all headed in to central to Ronnie Scotts, which was amazing. After that it all gets a bit we might have had a few cheeky ones by then. Brilliant weekend, but slightly sore head!

The night was finished off by some late night sheesha and some food. Perfect.

Good times!

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