Friday, 13 July 2012

Dairy free cupcakes.

Good afternoon! Did you miss me? I had a wonderful relaxing week away. I am now back by the sea, refreshed and happy. Did you have a good week? What did you get up to?

One of the things i did whilst away was try and make some dairy free cupcakes. A friend of mine cannot eat dairy but still wants to eat cake (who doesn't?). So to help him out another friend of mine, Anti, and i set about trying to create a dairy free version.

We started with the basic Hummingbird vanilla cupcake recipe and then did some tinkering. First off we replaced the butter and the milk required in the sponge with soya aternatives. So far so good. We halved the mixture and made one half into lemon cupckaes by adding some lemon zest.

They went in the oven and cooked perfectly.

We then tried to make the butter icing, again replacing the butter and milk with soya aternatives. This is where it all went a wee bit wrong. Basically the mixture came out a lot runnier than it usually would. Not a distaster as we just added more icing sugar, but even then the consistency was a little odd. Oh well they still look good!

The result: lemon and vanilla dairy free cupcakes. But how did they taste? Well, i have to admit, they really were rather tasty. Well, Mr dairy free thought so anyway. Yay!

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