Monday, 1 October 2012

Apple tart tatin.

Good morning! Are yo well? Enjoying the change of seasons and snuggling up at home with the heating on? I am. Unfortunately i have picked up a cold so i can snuffling as well as snuggling. But that's ok, it's to be expected as the leaves change and it seems everyone is sneezing and sniffing at the minute.

Yesterday i took my poor ill self off to my mum's for a roast dinner. It cures all ills in my book. We decided to make a apple tart tatin. We loosely followed a Jamie recipe but changed it quite a bit and made it our own.

We used the little apples from my mum's garden as well as the damson gin i made last year. It could not have been simplier.

First you make a caramel with the damson gin. Get a large oven proof pan and cook the gin with sugar, vanilla paste and cinnamon for a few minutes until it turns into a light caramel. Whilst this is happening you core, peel and half the apples.

These are then added to the caramel and cooked for 10  minutes or so. Roll out the puff pastry and then lay it on top of the apples and tuck in the edges.

The whole thing then goes into the oven for 25-30 minutes at about 180C. It should come out looking like the picture below!

Now comes the tricky bit! You need to turn the tart out onto a large plate. You need nerves of steel and a confident swift action. Done!


And there you have it a very tasty, easy and cheap pudding. It was very tasty,  perfect autumnal naughtiness!

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