Wednesday, 15 August 2012

It's jam time again!

So after, lets face it, the unbelievably easy blackberry vodka i made yesterday i thought i should do something a little more challenging.

Sooooo i decided to make some jam. And not just make it, but make the recipe up as well!

I sort of did this last year when i adapted a plum jam recipe and made my own, but this time i decided to not follow a recipe at all and see what happened (mainly because i'm lazy and couldn't be bothered to find one!).

I didn't have enough blackberries on their own to make the jam so i had a root around my freezer and found two tubs of damsons from last year. I was going to make some more damson gin but needs must so they have now become jam. Blackberry and damson jam.

It was very easy actually. I weighed the damsons and blackberries and then weighted out 2/3 of that weight in sugar and put it to one side. I then put the fruit in a large pan (my trusty giant turquoise pan) with just enough water to nearly cover the fruit.

I then boiled it till the fruit was mushy after which i sieved it (this was to get the stones out of the damsons, and also because i don't like lumpy jam).

The liquid then went back into the pan with the sugar and was heated at a rollicking boil for about 10 minutes. After this time i tested to see if it had set (with a saucer i'd put in the freezer) and it had.

Six jars had been sterized with boiling water and this worked out perfectly as i had enough jam for the six jars (i love it when that happens) with a tiny bit left over for me to try. Perfect.

So there you have it, the easiest jam in the world! And it's yummy!

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