Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Great British Bake Off!

It's back!.....ok, ok i know it's been on for a few weeks now but i have been so absorbed with the pies, bread, cakes and puddings (actually that's next week) that they've been making that i completely forgot to blog about it. Damn it!

I am a massive fan of the show and this year they've picked another awesome mix of people. Some who you know are going to go far (i love James, who doesn't?) and others who you immediately want to get kicked off (that can't just be me?). This week it was the turn of pies and there were some amazing creations. The lime and ginger american showstopper pie made me immediately try and google a suitable recipe so i could recreate it!

It makes me want to hot foot it to my beloved KitchenAid Betty and whip something up (unfortunately this is impossible, Betty is currently in storage as i've had to move out of my flat for a few weeks while they take the ceiling down. Double damn).

Are you enjoying the show? Has it made you bake more than usual? I want to know what you've been making!

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